How to set up a chessboard

Chess is a strategic board game that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for centuries. It is a game of skill, patience, and foresight, and it requires players to think several moves ahead in order to outmaneuver their opponent.

Step 1 Orientate the board correctly

Set up the board such that a white square is always on the right, from the perspective of the players who are sitting at the board.

Step 2 Put the pawns on the board as shown

Set up the pawns on the board as shown. They go along the second row. A row of white pawns, and a row of black pawns.

Step 3 Place your rooks

The rooks go on the furthest corners. White rooks with the white pawns, black rooks with the black pawns. Place them as shown here.

Step 4 Place your knights 

Knights go next to the rooks. You should now have a row of four empty squares between your knights.

Step 5 Place your bishops 

 Each bishop goes next to its knight of corresponding colour. You should now just have a row of two squares between your bishops.

Step 6 Place your queen 

Place your queen as shown. It's important that she goes on her own colour. The black queen on a black square, the white queen on a white square. This will leave one empty square between your queen and a bishop.

Step 7 Place your king 

Place your king as shown here. The  King fits in the last square between your queen and a bishop. He will be on a square that's different to his own colour.